Exacq server write speed of 1200Mbps. How is this possible?




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    Tony Luce

    Hi Paul - you'd have to ask Exacq. We don't work with their product and can't speak to the veracity of their info about their own hardware. Typically throughput is limited by individual hard drive read/write speeds - so our recommendation is to always design your system with that bottleneck in mind.

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    Evgeny Balashov


    It might be possible to have 4-5 RAIDs inside the server if you have enough hard drives. We never tried this, but I don't see any reasons for this not to work.


    At the same time, it is hard to imagine the situation where such bandwidth is required.


    It should be something like 128x 4K@30fps cameras recording at high quality. Who needs all cameras to record at 4K?

    Even so, for the system that expensive customer definitely wants to have a failover, so no server should be allowed to record 128 cameras at once and the requirement for the recording bandwidth goes down.



    In conclusion: On the one hand, it is theoretically possible to achieve that recording speed, and there is no Exacq-specific know-how there. If the hardware can do recording at this speed, Nx Witness will utilize this speed.

    On the other hand, the situation seems to be not realistic, that's why we never tried to build and test such configuration. There might be certain practical hardware limitations at this extreme scenario.

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    paul chandler

    Sorry guys... I wasn't paying attention when I wrote that post and got mixed up between Mbps and MBps. 1200 mbps is only 150 MBps which is exactly what a 4TB WD Purple drive is rated at. Most vendors rate their servers in MBps. I had just lost a bid to someone claiming 1 server could handle 118 cameras and my math wasn't agreeing.

    Although, I suppose 1200 MBps would be doable with 8 drives in RAID0 ;-)


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