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    Tony Luce

    Hi Glen - 

    The Nx1's Mali GPU was causing stability issues and so we've got a new v3.1 image available now without the lite client that addresses the issue we were having. If you need this image please open a support ticket and we can get you sorted.

    Moving forward the Nx1 will not have the lite client and will be upgrade-able to future versions (including 3.2)

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    Tim Huskisson

    Hey Tony


    What do we do where we have NX1's running with Lite Client already?
    Was there an announcement in relation to this lite client being terminated?


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    Tony Luce

    Hi Tim - Unfortunately not much you can do if you want to continue using the Lite Client than to stick with the older version or replace. If you open a support ticket for each case where your client is affected we can see how we can help you make a transition.

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