Change IP address without deleting camera?



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    Malcolm Goon Chew

    I'll second that. I have a building where the network is going to be upgraded. As part of this all the cameras (12) will move to a new vlan. So I'll have to delete them and re-add them as new devices.

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    paul chandler

    Oh, and of course retain recording settings, aspect ratio, rotation and audio enabled along with name.

    Wasn't too bad. I renamed 200 cameras fairly quickly by importing the original camera list and new camera list into an Access db and using the MAC as the relation between the two tables. Then referencing the new IP to the old name and renaming one by one in the client.

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    Malcolm Goon Chew

    Yes, retaining all the settings is important. Is there a way to export and import them? It will be time consuming to have to redo these for each camera.

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    Miguel Câmara

    Hmm.. After changing the IP address of a camera, I added the new IP address without removing the old one, and it updated the existing camera to the new IP address, retaining all the configuration (Name, recording settings, Motion Detection...).

    Unfortunately, even after updating the IP address, it did not update the Primary and Secondary Stream RTSP's IP address...

    So there is a mismatch, and while NxWitness knows that the camera's IP address is the new one, it is still trying to get the RTSP from the old IP address.


    As a result, I am still forced to delete and re-add the camera.



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