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    Tony Luce

    Hey Guys - 

    So....let me get in on this one.

    LDAP Integration currently only works for local users because of security reasons. When an LDAP user is fetched and added to Nx Witness their password is copied and stored locally in the Media Server Salted/Hashed. When an update occurs on the LDAP side it also gets updated in the local System.

    As most LDAP / Active Directory users are companies with a private infrastructure who do not use cloud we have not yet had a big demand for this.

    Realistically speaking I'm guessing (key word: guessing) we're going to have to do Cloud-side LDAP integration as well as more companies are moving to Office 365 / Cloud-enabled Microsoft services.

    On a scale of 1-10 how urgent is this for you guys?

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    Hello, Tim.

    If your system is connected to the Cloud, you should have an option to create users within the Desktop Client and automatically add them to the Cloud.


    Thank you.

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    Tim Huskisson

    Hi Igal


    Yes the system is cloud connected but LDAP users are not able to be turned into cloud users.


    Also there is not a role type locally that allows the end user to create new users unless they are given the owner login.

    This is something that we really need as we have a number of customers who want to be able to add and delete users frequently.


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    Scott Hamilton

    Ditto, We have similar request/issue

    Hey is that Tim H from McDonalds in Sydney... 

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    Tim Huskisson

    HAHA Yep! hows life treating you mate?

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    Michael Pasqualone

    Hey Tony & team,

    If you want to solve this properly, look at SAML integration for Cloud accounts - that's the best way to do on-premise directory integration with cloud services and you're not locking yourself (or customers) into O365 or other proprietary integrations. That way people like me, can do an ADFS integration to pickup our Active Directory/LDAP users, but your other customers could use whatever else.

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