Smart Feature Integration from Hikvision Cameras



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    Tuli Dem

    I could also really see a lot of benefit in including some camera smarts integration in NX, and can see a lot of sales potential.

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    Norman Graafsma


    I have good news for you both. 

    Soon we will release version 3.2, which will include the support of in-camera-analytics for Axis, DW Spectrum, Hanwha and Hikvision (incl. LPR). 

    Keep an eye on your email inbox where we will announce the release of 3.2. 

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    Lazer Wiesner

    any update on the facial recognition?

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    Envy Admin

    ^ We are keen to get started on facial recognition testing as well, is it possible to get early access to a test build?

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Lazer Wiesner and Envy Admin,

    Currently, the face recognition part isn't part of the Hikvision ISAPI we integrated for version 3.2. 
    So, unfortunately, this feature won't work in Nx Witness v3.2.

    But we will keep this in mind and it could be added in a future release. 

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