DVR on WD My Cloud products or similar NAS.



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    Tony Luce

    Jeff - it's an excellent idea.

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    Jeff Jones

    Just wanted to say after much research on the various NAS operating systems we personally decided to go with QNAP boxes for our offices and are really liking the QTS 4.2 software. If you are working on a NAS app version of Nx Witness or DW Spectrum, then QNAP is now our first recommendation. :-)

    (However, Synology was a close second)

    For cheaper units the devices from Western Digital and Netgear would likely reach the cheapest market segments, if that's what you are aiming for.


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    Jeff Jones

    I'm wondering if there had been any progress on this idea? I haven't seen NX Witness or DW Spectrum show up in the QNAP app center.

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    Jeff Jones

    Any further development on this idea?  I keep having customers wanting cheap 2-4 camera systems and keep having to use something else to get the DVR cost cheap enough.

    However, I think maybe buying a $250 QNAP TS-251 might work great, if DW Spectrum would run on it.

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    Sam Buratto

    Old thread, but you can run NX in docker on Synology and QNAP.

    There is just an issue with licensing due to hardware ID's.


    Would love for this to be resolved, im trying to docker my world at the moment and this is the last step!

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