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    Sergey Yuldashev

    Hi Ichiro,
    For now it's impossible due to some architecture reasons.
    Probably we'll add this functionality in future, thanks for your request.

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    Tony Luce

    Ichiro -

    Check out the Storage Statistics feature - located here: - this will be shown in the web client in v2.4 according to the current roadmap.

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    Hi Tony,

    Thanks. I've checked the detail on the confluence.
    Only one question to the SPEC.

    On the bottom, there is a adjustable bar for additional storage.
    When I drag it to 100GB, the first column of the table all turn to 100 with two bar in different colors.
    Does this means each camera can keep the video for at most 100 days?

    I don't quite understand the meaning of the bar.
    Also, what is the meaning of the result after I adjust the bar?
    Can you explain the meaning and the logic of the bar on the bottom?

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