Suggestion: Email upon motion in selected area.



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    Jason Wallace

    That's interesting.

    I would think that the easiest way to implement it would be to have a identifier that is the same as the motion detection level of sensitivity. You choose your sensitivity level (say 5), and you choose your identifier (nothing, or A,B,C,D, etc. etc.). You can then setup up rules that say when motion is detected in a box marked with a "C" Identifier, then do an action.

    This gives you the flexibility of choosing the same ID on several different cameras, or, keeping the ID unique to specific camera channel.

    It would probably be easier to code, so a new interface does not have to be designed, motion engines don't have to be duplicated, etc.

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    Tim Steffens

    I know this is old but I was hoping for the same functionality. 

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