RaspberryPi with DW




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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Christopher McGregor,

    You can download the latest RPI ARM package for DW Spectrum HERE.

    Some applicable support articles:

    Support is limited, since we expect people to be proficient with Linux.

    That being said, we do not recommend using an RPI in a production environment since the SD card will be a risk that might cause the system to crash permanently when it gets corrupted, and eventually it will.

    People using the RPI or other SBC  move all IOPS so SSD or HDD storage which they connect to the RPI.

    Also, merging an ARM SBC into a larger system most likely will be a bottleneck for synchronization among the servers in the hive. In general, they are used with 1 or 2 servers in a system.

    When people are looking for an affordable solution, there are quite some passively cooled x64 systems with quad-core Celeron CPU, 4 GB RAM that are probably a better and more affordable solution.




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    Matthew Del Salto

    We have an SBC with up to 1TB of wd purple sdcard storage that runs any powered by Nx system. arm64. Easy to plug and play hive servers. Contact me at mdelsalto@hudsonsecurityinc.com if you're interested in the SBC.


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