Integrating motion detection with analytics plugin



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    Anton Babinov

    Hello Bartłomiej,

    there is a possibility to received motion metadata from the server's motion detection engine. You can set motion flag in the Engine's Manifest:

    - `"streamTypeFilter"`: Flag set (String)

        A combination of zero or more of the following flags, separated with `|`, defining which kind of streaming data will the plugin receive from the Server in IConsumingDeviceAgent::doPushDataPacket():

        - `compressedVideo` - Compressed video packets, as ICompressedVideoPacket.
        - `uncompressedVideo` - Uncompressed video frames, as IUncompressedVideoFrame.
        - `metadata` - Metadata that comes in the stream (e.g. RTSP) that goes from the Device to the Server, as ICustomMetadataPacket.
        - `motion` - Motion metadata retrieved by the Server's Motion Engine, as IMotionMetadataPacket.

        Optional; default value is empty.

    Please refer to this community post which illustrates how you can filter out frames without motion in your DeviceAgent class.


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