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    Roman Yuldashev

    Hello Sebastian Heuchert,

    For initial diagnostics, use the Onvif device test tool.
    Follow this instruction and let us know the results:
    1. Install the software on the machine which is on the same network as a camera. Install ffdshow (ODTT installer will show you the button "Install ffdshow").
    2. Select proper NIC.
    3. Press "Discover Devices".
    4. Choose needed device from the list of found devices.
    5. Provide device credentials.
    6. Press "Probe" and "Check" to obtain device information.
    Running Tests:
    7. Go to "Diagnostics" tab.
    8. Choose "Test cases" from tabs on the left of the window.
    9. In your case, select test cases for audio backchannel streaming (2-way audio).
    10. Make sure that other tests cases are not selected since its execution can take a long time.
    11. Press "Run selected" button.
    12. Wait while tests are running. You can stop running tests at everytime with buttons "Stop" / "Halt".

    Finaly, On the right half of the window you can see detailed information about highlighted test case: passed and failed steps, requests that were sent on this step and responses to those requests.

    You can save information about testing session in XML format using "Save" button.
    If all lines are red - please send XML to the development team.

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Sebastian Heuchert,

    We have not heard back from you in a while, so we are going to assume your question has been answered and set this topic to 'Answered'.

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