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    Anton Babinov

    Hi Omer,

    I'm using Zapier to send a Generic Event to an Nx Server. Zapier is connected to an Nx Cloud account that can access the specific Nx Server and proxy the HTTP Generic Event.

    I'm trying to figure out how can I use the Description field to achieve a link to preview the Event in Nx Client under Event Rules:

    First of all, that's not a generic event at your screenshot. Your screenshot shows analytic event rule.

    If you want to have event preview in notification message you need to link generic event to a specific camera by adding cameraRefs parameter to the metadata field:

    https://<server IP>:7001/api/createEvent?source=<something>&caption=<something>&description=<something>&metadata={"cameraRefs":["34bac00c-23a3-200d-51e6-ee4e742b34a8"]}

    This way, event notification will include preview from camera with id 34bac00c-23a3-200d-51e6-ee4e742b34a8.


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