Linking 5 x PTZ cameras to trigger their presets in one event. soft/trigger/generic event or API?



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    Norman - Nx Support

    Dear bryce mackay,

    To activate a specific preset for one device, you can create a rule that triggers the preset using the Soft Trigger event and the Execute PTZ preset action. Please note that you will need to create five separate rules (one for each camera) to trigger the preset for each device individually.

    However, if you would like to trigger the preset for five devices simultaneously, you can create a single Soft Trigger rule that triggers five other rules to call the presets. This can be achieved by using the Soft Trigger event and the Do HTTP request action with a unique Caption. Then, using the Generic Event event with the unique Caption, you can execute the PTZ preset for each of the five devices (x 5).

    For more information on the PTZ API calls, you can refer to THIS support article or the Nx Mediaserver REST API.

    Lastly, it's worth noting that you will need a dedicated Digest Authorization user to perform the Do HTTP request.


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