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    Anderson Chang

    Hi nar ter,

    By design, the license can be shared across the servers within the system.
    The total available recording channels are equal to the sum of the licenses activated on each server within the system.

    - Should I activate licenses in each system first then merge? 
    Or merge the systems then activate the licenses on System A? or does not make a difference?

    It is not necessary to do so, and does not make any difference.
    You can merge the system directly.

    - If I have 10 licenses in System B and 10 licenses in System C , after merging both systems to System A , will I have 20 licenses in System A ? If yes , these 20 licenses can be distributed among the 3 servers in any way (server B, server C and server A)?

    To be more detailed, after merging 3 systems, Server B and Server C will both have 10 licenses, and the total available recording channels will be 20, which can be distributed across 3 servers.

    -After merging , if for some reason server A (which hosts System A) is down , will recording stop on server B and server C also?

    Ley says you have 10 licenses within the system.
    If the license is bound to Server A and it goes down, the rest of the servers will not be able to obtain the valid license update with our license portal. In this case, we provide an approximately 30 days grace period for you to bring Server A back or take any other actions. After that, the recording will be turned off due to insufficient licenses.
    Please note that the grace period will end immediately if you make any changes to the recording settings, such as modifying the recording schedule or turning off the recording.

    If the license is not bound to Server A, the rest of the servers can still obtain the valid license update from the license portal, and the available license and ongoing recording should not be affected.


    I hope the above replies have answered your questions.
    Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any concerns or further queries.
    Thank you.

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