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    Tony Luce

    1. The way they handle the dewarping outline on a fisheye camera when creating a "zoom" window. It seems to outline the exact pixels that are in the dewarped viewer.


    2. The ability to easily share a live view link to a video with a separate validation code if wanted.

    Yup. Quick sharing of clips is a planned feature

    3. Interesting that they can disable the aspect ratio and let the camera view strech to fill the space. Might be handy for some panoramic and fisheye cameras.


    4. Sequential layout mode where it will flip through different camera layouts on a timer.

    Yes - but can they do THIS!

    5. They demo a stream from an iphone back into the server. It would be pretty cool if you could do something like this from the NXW/DWS mobile app. Create a live stream that records back to the server, through the cloud login.

    You can do this now with IP Webcam Pro. But also planned feature.

    6. The camera notification on their e-map feature is nice. I like the option of having a camera map on screen with the other cameras. As well as having simple cleaner icons on the map that can indicate status.

    You can accomplish something similar now using a background on a layout + zoom windows. Or using the API with a live mapping solution.

    7. Finally things really get interesting when they start talking about the integration with their own IOT platform.

    IoT is a marketing term synonymous with proprietary. But good on QNAP for making progress! 

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