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    Jon Dillabaugh

    Dell PowerEdge R230/330/530 is what we use. In a very small environment (no rack), we go with the T30.

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    Tony Luce

    Nice one, Jon. Do you guys use any RAID configurations?

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    Jon Dillabaugh

    No, we generally arent concerned with redundancy of video footage. The odds of losing it vs the pain felt is pretty low, so we just use independent disks for video.

    However, we do use dual SSDs for the OS and mirror them RAID-1

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    Vess A3340E is good.

    We will use Vess series for enterprise class system.

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    Tim Huskisson

    Rack Mount - Lenovo System X3550 M5 - 256G SSD for OS (Ubuntu 16.04) 
    8GB Ram with Lenovo raid controller for storage depending on the site. 
    Only generally run RAID if the site has a requirement much the same as Jons Comments.

    Small Form Factor/smaller install - HPE Proliant Microserver (Gen 10)

    Anyone tried running Ubuntu Server for an NX install? not been game to try it yet.....


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    Envy Admin

    SuperMicro have been working very well for us, we generally just custom build for each job using the X11-SSH-TF motherboard w/ E3-1225. RAM etc we spec to the job and if it goes over 4 drives we move to dedicated RAID controller and 2U Supermicro chassis

    SuperMicro have some decently priced chassis that work well for all sizes, the 5019S-M is a good starting point for 1RU/4x3.5"

    Ubuntu Server does work, I wouldn't recommend it though unless you have extensive experience with configuring via cli. Even then I probably wouldn't recommend it.. It just makes everything harder

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    Lazer Wiesner
    @Jon Dillabaugh

    We too use dell poweredge servers and utilize the idrac, very cool stuff!

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