Recording Missing after swapping the camera to another location with different IP




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    Tony Luce

    Hi Suman - 

    Cameras - no matter where they are in the system - will always be related to their archived footage. When a camera is first added to or discovered by Nx Witness it is given a unique identifier. This is necessary given the Nx Witness server hive architecture and in cases of failover or manually moving cameras from one server to another.  So if you move a camera the previous footage will remain view-able only from the same camera. Suggest you bookmark where the footage ends before-move. That's the best approach here.

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    Suman Chowdhury

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for your reply. Will this help to sync the recording of the old camera with the relocated camera? In some Video Management Software, we have an option to manually select the recording path for each camera. How does this work for NxWitness V3.1? Does the VMS (NxWitness) store only the MAC address of Camera or IP Address as well? We have replaced one Roof Top camera with Ground Floor Camera. Now recordings of the previous date not appearing in Roof Top camera which was replaced recently. We have used the same IP address as the previous camera which was originally in this place.

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    Sergey Yuldashev

    Hi Suman,

    At the moment what you seek is achievable with just manually moving the archive files from the old storage path to new one.
    In the future it will be available to attach existing archive of the old camera to the new one as a part of "replacement" process.

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    Suman Chowdhury

    Hi Sergey,

    Noted. Thank You.

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