Restrict the number of camera that can be displayed live/playback



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    Damien Hegley

    Why not just give users access to only layouts and limit the cameras on a layout basis? Would be the easiest way.

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    Damien Hegley

    In V3 you can create a custom User Role and assign Cameras or Layouts or both. Just limit it to only Layouts

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    hiroshi takasaki

    Even though it is restricted the layout by User Role, I think that it is difficult to search for the required layout by increasing the layout number in the medium class system.
    Also, since all the cameras assigned to layout are displayed in the "Camera & Resource" list, it is impossible to limit the number of camera channels for live / playback eventually.

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    hiroshi takasaki

    Let me explain with below scenario.

    For example, I want to limit the number of camera channels that User can display / play at the same time to 4.

    1.We will create 4 quad layouts necessary for users. (Camera total 16 channel)

    2.Create MyUserRole.

       MyUserRole is not assign any camera, but assign created 4 quad layout.

    3.Login with MyUserRole.

      At this time you can see total 16 channel camera under the "Camera & Resource"

      (Of cource the four quad layouts assigned are also listed under Layout.)

    In this case, user can display/play the all 16 channel camera at the same time, the impossible to restrict the camera to display at the same time to 4 channels.

    I testing with 3.1, but should be same with 3.0.









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    Hi Takasaki-san,


    Regarding the reason - Some customers live / play many cameras with a poor client PC.


    We have an adaptive scaling to the video quality. 

    So if the PC is too busy (ex:CPU 80% ), then the quality should be all changed to low quality.

    Does this feature work on your customer's site? Or you found that it is not changed?


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    hiroshi takasaki

    Actually it help in small system, but it is not enough in middle to large system.

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    Hi Takasaki-san,


    Why does it not help in a Middle-Large system?
    Can you provide some examples?

    For example,
    1. How you configure.
    2. Why is the customer not allowed to see the cameras at the same time?
    3. Why is the adjective scaling not enough in Middle-Large system?

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    hiroshi takasaki

    A customer's poor PC can sometimes go far beyond our imagination!

    I also experienced a PC that stopped by 9 low resolution cameras.

    Do not you think it would be nice if you could limit the camera to display in such a case???


    For example, if you do not know the camera you are recording when you search for a suspicious person, operator will playback many channels at the same time.

    This is because searching becomes easier if multiple channels are simultaneously live/play.

    As a system integrator, we sometimes ask customer to restrict usage to ensure stable operation on customer PCs, but I think it is also important to establish function restrictions as well.

    If the function restriction of the camera to be displayed can not be done, the operator always performs such operation.

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