Motion Alerts on Mobile



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    Thank you fro submitting the request.

    This feature is on our roadmap and should be implemented in the nearest future.

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    Zoran Marjanski

    Just to add to this.Glad to hear this feature is in the pipeline.

    Ring (the video doorbell) has a decent implementation for this, but it's a bit quirky when trying to view the motion in a realtime sort of manner.

    It's nice to get the alert on my iPhone as a notification and it's pretty much instantaneous (the notification that is). However if I click the notification within a few seconds of getting the notification, it goes into Live View mode and takes a few seconds for the video to show up on my iPhone, but by then the person that caused the motion is gone. So I need to exit the live view and wait a couple minutes for the motion video to be uploaded to the Ring cloud, then go back in and see the motion video after the fact.

    I realize there's some latency to get the motion video uploaded, but perhaps Nx can make it better.

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