Issue wth PTZ camera moving




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    Hi Victor Kravchuk,

    Which cameras you were referring to? Can you provide more detail for the cameras? (Ex: Brand, Model, Firmware).

    You may update the camera firmware to check if that issue can be fixed. From your description, it could be the camera response to the PTZ command/requests with latency after running for a while. If you restart the camera, will the camera be fine?

    If it is possible, you can collect the Wireshark packet detail, and check if the camera respond to the request immediately or the server sent the request with delay.


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    Victor Kravchuk

    Hi, Ichiro!

    Hikvision PTZ cameras, model DS-2DE4A425IWG-E. Firmware is the latest one. Camera rebooting does not cure the problem - only the server reboot brings the effect. In WEB camera responds as usual, without any delay. That is why I am asking about this.

    Will wait for the next such an event, and try to get the picture from the Wireshark. But, maybe we are not alone - with this issue?

    Thanks a lot.



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