Which browser is Nx Desktop Client using now?




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    Fredrik Ahlsen

    Is it possible to adjust zoom level of websites inside NX client now?

    Like these controls from Chrome:

    I tried with + and - keys on my keyboard, but that don`t seam to work.

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    mitchell day

    My webpage is not performing XHR requests in NX witness (I load data in using xhr from a json file, and populate the webpage). 

    Works outside of NX.


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    This is a plugin from QT framework.We use Qt WebKit.

    Most likely it is of same version as Qt used which is 5.6.1 for the latest Nx Version.

    There is no solid specification. Some information can be found at Qt wiki and forums:

    FYI, later on we are going to switch to other browser. But we'll do that only after 4.1 release.
    There is no solid ETA yet. Thanks for your understanding.

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