Nx-Encoder Supported Devices




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    Steve Canning

    Hi Tony,

    How many are required for the Axis M7016 Encoder ?

    Best Regards

    Steve C

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    Tony Luce

    Hi Steve - if it's registered as a supported encoder it would require 4 x Nx-Encoder licenses. I don't believe it's registered yet. Let me check.

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    Visus Support

    Hello Tony,

    Please confirm if all Encoder devices listed in the "Supported IP Video Devices" (http://ipvd.networkoptix.com/#/) can use the NX-Encoder Licenses.

    I see in the list for example two devices from Uniview:

    Can I assume these devices will use the Nx-Encoder Licenses?

    Miguel Câmara

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    Tony Luce

    Hi Miguel -

    The encoder devices listed above are currently supported by the Nx-Encoder license. While many ONVIF Encoders are supported via the Nx Witness ONVIF plugin only those listed above get the 1 license = 4 channels benefit. 

    If you have a project that you'd like to use another alternative encoder on with the Nx-Encoder license please coordinate with your Nx sales rep and we can see what we can do for you.


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    Fredrik Ahlsen

    How would you treat a AHD (Analog HD) encoder?
    1 license = 1 channel or do you also offer 1 license = 4 channels for that?
    I guess 1 for 1, but good to know what you think about it.

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