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    Jeonghyeok Kim

    Hello Ichiro Liu

    I would like to change custom text from text overlay functionality to new text per event.
    Can I change the text when sending an http that generates an event?
    Or, can i replace the contents of custom text description or caption in Requesting URL?

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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Jeonghyeok Kim

    My apologies for the huge delay in our response. Most likely time resolve the issue, but I would like to respond anyway. 

    If you want to change the custom text, you should create multiple rules, each with their own unique custom text.  

    Obviously, the event should be unique as well, otherwise you don't know which unique custom text you want to display. 

    A common event to trigger the action would be a Generic Event with custom Source and/or Caption and/or, Descriptions. 

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    Jeonghyeok Kim

    Thx for reply.

    It was perfectly solved with the help of you and ICHIRO RIU. in the past

    I received an additional email to answer my question at the time.

    So there is no reply left on this bulletin board.

    You answered me back then, and I leave it here.



    Norman Graafsma (Network Optix)

    Jul 24, 01:08 PDT

    Hello Jeonghyeok Kim,

    You can change the text overlay each time if you send an HTTP request to Nx Witness as a Generic event in the rules engine. 
    Just multiply the rules if you want multiple custom texts and add the right source and/or caption and/or description to the event rule. 

    Norman Graafsma
    Network Optix Support




    Ichiro Liu (Network Optix)

    Jul 26, 07:47 PDT


    I have already provided the solution for you.
    Please read the response in previous threads, I just paste here again.

    Actually, the value or text on the caption is changeable.
    You can configure the rules only catch only the source keywords and leave caption and description blank in the rules.

    Then, while you are using the generic event, you just need to put the text you want in the caption and description, then the text will be brought into the event will be the same you assign in the URL. 

    In Nx Rules, select Generic Event, and only enter the keyword in Source, select the action Live video text overlay.
    The URL you used to generate the generic event will be

    Then you will see the content is changed, please try it.

    Ichiro Liu
    Network Optix Support

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