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    Michael Alvarado (DW)

    Hello NX,

    What is the largest .exe file size you can export to?
    I have found different answers on the web saying 2GB some say 4GB.

    Thank you

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    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for you comments.

    The limitation can be discussed in two parts.

    #1. Basically, the file size limitation is related to your file system.

    For file systems :
    - FAT32 - 4GB (USB Stick, Portable HDD)
    - NTFS - 16TB (Windows)
    - ext4 - 16TB (Linux)

    #2. Nx Witness has 4 GB limitiation for exported file in ".exe" format.
    In case of video or .nov exporting there's no such limitation.

    However, we don't recommend our user to export such a large file, since it takes long time to process and won't be easy to transmit.

    If you have any questions, please contact us via our support portal.
    We are glad to answer your questions.

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    Matthew Fox

    OK, so how do you export video with bookmarks?

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    Hi Matt,

    Unfortunately, with current v2.6.0 Nx, we are unable to export the bookmark attached to video. This is a ready-to-have function in future release. In fact, we would like do not only bookmark, but more types of overlay on exported video.

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