Hikvision camera goes offline after upgrade firmware.




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    Ryan Flagler

    What is not documented here is that you must also check "Enable Hikvision-CGI" right above the "Enable ONVIF" box.

    Additionally, the user you setup for ONVIF must also exist in the Configuration -> Usermanagement list. If it ONLY exists as an ONVIF user, it will not work.

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    Sergey Yuldashev

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for the valuable input.
    I've already faced this upgrade consequences on couple of sites in Europe. 
    Actually I had to create a user in "Onvif" table only without adding it to main User Management section.
    Also quoting their release notes:

    User management system in ONVIF is independent from device. Add user types, including Media user, Operator and Administrator, Up to 32 users. The password level of ONVIF user is consistent with device user.

    We're going to get more experience with the issue and update the article when more data is received.

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    Ryan Flagler


    I have 4 Hikvision cameras with v5.5 firmware. I've been testing connectivity and it's very hard to test as NX Witness (DW Spectrum in my case) seems to "hold on" to previous connections and settings.

    Is there a way to force NX Witness (DW Spectrum in my case) to close and reopen the connection to a specific camera?

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    Sergey Yuldashev


    In short -- there is when several conditions are met. You need to:

    1. Open System Administration menu(Ctrl+Alt+A)
    2. Disable Autodiscovery at "General" tab
    3. Disable "Allow Server to optimize device settings" at "General" tab
    4. Now server will drop the connection to camera every time you close the video stream(if recording is disabled) and will open it again as soon as you drag camera to the layout

    TL; DR

    When autodiscovery feature is enabled Nx Witness(DW Spectrum) Media Server sends http requests to the camera every several seconds even if camera is not streaming video. Thus server tracks camera state which is very important for the potential failover. And also users always see if the camera is online.

    If it's disabled and cameras are added manually Server won't try to reach cameras without a reason.
    Reasons to establish a connection are: opening the video stream, changing interior settings like WDR or reading/saving PTZ presets.

    We look forward to any feedback you'd like to share with us.

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    Ryan Flagler

    Thanks for the information. I've tried almost every combination of configuring my cameras and the ONLY way they work is if "Enable Hikvision-CGI" is checked and the user configured in the ONVIF user page also exists in the main user list. Here is the info on my cameras.


    Model: DS-2CD2385FWD-I

    Firmware: V5.5.0 build 170725

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    Trevor Combs

    Is this build supported on all OS versions of server including the Raspberry Pi?

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    Sergey Yuldashev

    Hi Trevor,

    It is supported on all OS versions including RPi.

    One note though, Raspberry Pi should have OS based on Debian 8(Jessie).

    The latest release is based on Debian 9(Stretch) and will be supported since Nx Witness 3.2.

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