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    Jeff Jones

    I assume there was a specific request or usage scenario that inspired this feature. Could you list a few examples of how customers have used this?

    I did see the Youtube clip showing Clickatell, but am assuming that might not be the only one.

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    Ichiro Liu (Nx)

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your question.
    The following are the use cases -

    [ Use Case 1 ]
    There is a restricted area in the factory, which is not allowed anyone enter it without permission.
    The restricted area has a ACS card reader at the entry.
    Cameras are installed monitor the area nearby.
    One day, someone breaks the ACS reader, and enter the restricted area. Then Nx Witness detects the abnormal motion in the area, so Nx Witness trigger the actions:
    Security guard is notified as Nx Witness detects the motion.
    At the same time, Nx Witness sends a HTTP request/notification OUT to the Call center server, then call center runs the security procedure. (Phone call, Alarm,...)
    Nx Witness sends a HTTP request/notification OUT, which can trigger the electronic locker to lock the entry.
    Nx Witness tags a bookmark on the timeline and enable panic recording at the same time.

    [ Use Case 2 ]
    Nx Witness now supports Generic Events, meaning that we can let our users to define their own event with different content.
    When the content is different(user can define the Caption, Description), so Nx can identify the events which are sent from different softwares, then Nx can transfer/relay the alarm or trigger different actions on corresponding 3rd party software.

    Currently, Nx Witness can accept and send the HTTP requests or notifications from/to 3rd party softwares. So, in summary, this feature help to provide a bidirectional communication between Nx and  other softwares.

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    Ching-Chun Hsiao

    May I ask what should I fill in the HTTP content? Thanks for your help!

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    Ching-Chun Hsiao

    I mean, should I include the header or just enter param=value?

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